Nature won't kill us yet.

Hello everyone!

Hope we're all keeping well this sombre holidays - sordid reminders of our human vulnerabilities, interspersed with serendipitous acts of kindness and bravery. It is my opinion that our humanity is both our greatest gift, and our Archilles' heel.

And in order for the above philosophical narrative to work, there are two things you need: a) a good dictionary :) , and b) to master the basic skills of argumentation I will be teaching you over the course the these next two years.

The more perceptive amongst you would have noticed the issue discussed over the past 3 assignments is "somehow" connected. If you have been conscientiously following the given tasks, you would be able to discern that many arguments and complex theories in the real world are based on the simple foundation of your own individual experiences and observations. If you remember writing those reflections (as punishment) in Secondary school, you may perhaps feel a tinge of regret not taking them seriously.

Assignment 4
  1. Click on your class link below, and copy-paste your paragraphs (from Assignment 3). You will need to fiddle around with the "edit" functions.
  2. Nothing fancy today, just getting everyone in class to post their two paragraphs by 18th March (Friday) 11am.
  3. Use black fonts only.
  4. Do NOT delete your friends' posts. If there are any mistakes, quickly press Ctrl-Z to undo the mistakes.

Instructions to GP Reps
  1. Sms will be sent to respective GP reps. Please help convey the message to the rest of your classmates that this assignment is due.
  2. Through the paragraphs presented, I should be able to see a formative process of continuous refinement (as opposed to last minute mental diarrhoea).

Look ahead for Friday
Everyone will be assigned two "buddies", which you will then proceed to analyse the paragraphs written and to comment.

Mr. Choong

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